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Solar Water Heating Systems Swimming Pool


•• Solar Energy utilization for warming the swimming pool water.
• Easy retro fitment to the existing filtration system.
• Optional backup of LPG / Electricity.
• High return on investment.


Swimming pool water heating for swimming pools at Clubs, Hotels, Spa’s,
Guest houses etc. Warm water system for Spa’s & resorts.


Frame material           : Inter locking screw less Extruded aluminum
Frame Coating             : Electrophoresis coating
Insulation                      : 50 mm thick, fiber glass wool
Glazing                         : 4 mm Textured and toughened glass
Back Sheet                  : Aluminum back sheet
Heat Exchanger
Type                            : Plate type Heat exchanger
End fittings                  : Threaded
Material of Plates        : AISI 316, Gasket - NBR(P)

Support Structure
Type                            : ISA/ISMC
Material                       : MS, Finish - Enamel / Epoxy
System Internal Piping
Type                            : Circular tubing
Material                       : G.I. class “B” ISI mark
Insulation                     : Rockwool 48kg/m3
Water proofing            : Hessin Cloth
Cladding                      : 26 swg Al.
Pipe fittings                 : G.I. ISI Make
Pump Operating         : 230V / 440V AC, 50 Hz

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