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Solar Power Plants/BIPV*




• Modular Solar Power at 220/440/600V. DC to 11KV, 22KV, 33KV
   Generation transformed as required
• Not location dependent as sunrise abundantly available all over India / Globally
• Minimal maintenance
• No moving parts
• Easy to install
• Quick to install
• High aesthetics
• Can be expandable any time
• Easy for mini or micro grid

Solar Modules             : 210Watt Peak to 270Watt Peak, 18V to 24V
  TUV Approved
Inverter                        : 40kw String Type, 93%+ average efficiency or
  Out door type 100 kw / 250 kw individual inverter


• Can be located over rooftops / office building
• Can be grid interactive
• BIPV module can be designed by building facade for power generation

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