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Industrial Solar Water Heating System




Hot Water for Bungalows, Hotels, Resorts & Spa’s, Guest Houses, Jungle Lodges
and Resorts, Residential Schools, Hospitals, Community Centers, Agro Farms,
Bio Farms, Cattle Farms, Biological Industries, Paint shops, Wash stations,
Industries. Boiler Feed, Service stations, Leather processing Industries.
500L, 1000L, 2000L, 3000L, 5000L,10000L. and above, till 200,000L


Thermosyphon based Solar Hot Water generators
• Systems for Flat Roof / Gravity Feed Applications.
• Forced circulation systems for differential head and pressurized circulation
• Fixed Temperature System for Critical Temperature Applications.
• Differential temperature Systems for large scale Systems for varied Hot
water Applications.
• Hot Water available for round the clock requirements with auto circulation
• Automatic Temperature Controls and precise temperature controls.
• Hybrid system with GAS or Thermic fluid or Diesel or electricity based back
  up heating.
• Manifold option for Building Integration and Low Load Collector mounts.
• Flat Plate and Evacuated Collector Options with Manifold Designs for
Varied Site conditions.
• Hydro Pneumatic Integrated systems for Hotels, High Rise Buildings,
Apartments and Industrial needs.

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