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ETC Water Heating System




• Keymark, Certified Product.
• Sputter deposited three coating of high temperature absorption.
• Non contact Copper Coating in vacuum for clog free performance.
• Ultra Modern Azuretech support structures for easy fitment to varied roof types.
• Oligodynamic antibacterial system to ensure water freshness & soothing bath.
• HCFC Free, Eco Friendly, High Density PUF Insulation for High Heat Retention.
• Suitable for Soft and Hard Water Areas (Refer Specification).
• Magnesium Anode for Galvanic Protection

Model                          : SU12-125 L, SU20-200 L, SU30-300 L.
Type                            : Thermosyphon, Gravity feed
Operating Pressure      : Atmospheric
Collector                      : Tubular Double shelled, Selective coated, ‘Solar keymark’ Certified.
Area Required             : SU12-1100x1800x1300mm | SU20-1700x1800x1300mm | SU30 -
Collector Size               : Dia-58mm, Length-1800mm
Collector Material        : AZZURO Selective coated borosilicate glass-3.3mm
Vacuum Level             : 10¯6 mm
Storage System           : Insulated Tank, Horizontal Type.
Tank Material              : Stainless Steel-304, SSLN8 Ribbed steel and deep drawn ends.
Tank insulation             : HCFC Free Polyurethane
   Insulation - 50mm thick.
Thermal Conductivity
of insulating material   : K = 0.022 W / m²°K
Tank Cladding              : Aluminum/Zinc coated alloy steel
Sealing for Collector    : Silicon Rubber
System Support           : Anodized Aluminum
Galvanic Corrosion      : Sacrificial Anode-Magnesium alloy type
Antibacterial Protection : Oligodynamic system
Backup Heating           : 1.5Kw 220V AC
Temperature Rise        : 60°C ± 5°C on standard Ambient conditions of radiation at 1000W/mtr²
   & 25°C Ambient Temperature
Water quality required  : Potable, free of chloride (or < 35ppm), Free of hardness (or <300ppm)

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