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Energy Saver for Air Conditioner




Windows, Split & Package Air Conditioners

Air-conditioners are one of the major factors which invariably enhance the energy bills both in industrial and commercial establishments. There are millions of air-conditioners consuming unbelievable amount of energy every day. Many existing air-conditioners units prevail with old and quite ineffective technology, although advanced technologies are more expensive (Inverter based) with longer payback. In the light of today’s energy problems &higher energy bills ES Electronics (India) Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore based company pioneers in manufacturing Energy Saving products has introduced state-of-the-art Smart Air Energy Saver for Window/Split/Package air-conditioning units.


  • Microcontroller based system
  • Computerized intelligence executes memory based timing of cycles
  • Option to adjust based on cooling required
  • Calibrated thermo coupled sensors
  • Compact & easy to install
  • Greats & Efficient performance

Working Principle

Smart Air is a Microcontroller based system which works with your existing thermostat to effectively. Smart Air senses the inlet temperature and confirms the required cooling for a given area and dynamically corrects the temperature to match the cooling needs to existing building load. Smart Air maintains memory program and operates by overriding your thermostat for more efficient & intelligent control.


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