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ES 25 (1KVA to 750KVA)


Working Principle


The ES 25 is a high efficiency device that optimizes the Voltage and Current (Static or dynamically) as the energy consumed increases in the approximately square of input voltage, hence the output energy would reach to an optimum level.

The diagram shows, the main winding A and secondary winding B, which is the inverse phase energy saving winding. When the supply current passes through winding A, magnetic restriction occurs in winding B, as B is connected in series to the load, the energy induced due to magnetic restriction in the reverse phase energy saving winding B, results in Voltage and Current optimization to reduce energy consumption up to 25%.

  Hard Facts:      
  Guaranteed savings up to 25% in Lighting Load and 15% in mixed load

Extends the life of discharge lamps and reduces replacement of chokes

Centralized installation without delamping or relamping

Guards the circuit from high voltage spikes and surges

Improves the power quality

Maintenance free with 20 years life span

Payback period is as low as one year

Eligible for 80% depreciation in the first year of its investment under Income Tax act

Marginal improvement in the Power Factor
  Additional Features:      
  Automatic Tab selector and Bypass system

APFCR along with ES 25

Lighting Panel cum Energy Savers

Energy Saver with High/Low Voltage cutoff
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